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Request For Scholarship Reference, Template

Informer : Wegen Fantu

Request For Scholarship Reference, Template :-

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
April 19, 2019

[Recipient Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:

Would you be willing to write a letter of reference to help me obtain a scholarship? Graphic Design Institute offers ten $2,500 scholarships annually, and I believe I may be eligible to receive one.
The scholarships will be awarded to those who best demonstrate both academic excellence and leadership skills. As my journalism teacher, you’re in a unique position to offer a perspective on my abilities in both areas.
The school must receive all scholarship materials by May 1. For your convenience, I’ve enclosed a stamped envelope addressed to the institution’s scholarship administrator. If I can provide more information about the scholarship, please let me know.
Thank you for helping me with a letter of reference.


[Your Name]

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Five Steps To Studying In The U.S.

Informer : Wegen Fantu

Five Steps To Studying In The U.S. :-

Your 5 Steps to U.S Study

Step 1. Research your options
Step 2. Finance your studies
Step 3. Complete your application
Step 4. Apply for your student visa
Step 5. Prepare for your department

Step 1. Research your options:

The first step to studying in the united states is researching your choices to find a college or university that best fits your needs and is accredited.
Useful sites:

Step 2: Finance Your Studies

You can find more information about financial aid opportunities by researching the university sources and there websites:

Step 3. Complete your application

What are some general application requirements?
1. Admission Requirements
A strong academic background
2. Graduate Admisions Tests
Useful links for your standardardised tests

standardized testing center in Addis Ababa
. St.Mary's University for internet-based TOEFL and GRE (0115524575)
. Andinet International school for internet-based TOEFL (0911601159)
. Addis Ababa University for paper-based TOEFL, SAT, and GRE(0111-239714)
. Neuronet for GMAT (0114-660943/44/45)
3.Graduate Essays or admission essay
4. Recommendation Letters
5. Transcripts

Step 4. Apply for student VISA
Requirements for your VISA interview
A. Receive your original certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status
B. Pay SEVIS fee
This is $200 and payable online only
For more information about paying your SEVIS fee visit:
c. Fill out the VISA applications form online
D. Pay your MRV fee
This is $160 (and subject to change) payable in birr at any Abyssinia Bank Branch. You should bring the receipt to the interview.

Step 5. Prepare your departure
Before you leave your home country, take the time to double-check that you have gathered all the documents you will need for your travel and study in the United States. These include:
. Passport and nonimmigrant VISA
. Certificate or eligibility: confirm you have the I-20 or DS-2019 issued by the school or program you will be attending
. Contact information
. Birth certificate and marriage certificate
. Medical document
. Academic transcript

NB: For students who live outside Addis or do not have time to attend the presentation a short form of the presentation can be sent via email on request
Tel: o111307944/7988

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Excellence Scholarship

Informer : Wegen Fantu

Excellence Scholarship :-

FSC awards top selected applicants from developing countries scholarships to obtain their PhD degree at the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

There are certain topics provided by the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences and Business, Economics and Social Sciences from which the applicants have to select as their doctoral research topic when they are applying for the scholarship.

Applicants who successfully applied for FSC`s Excellence scholarship are so-called “pre-selected candidates”. Only after a professor at the University of Hohenheim has accepted the „pre-selected candidate“, he/she will be ultimately selected and awarded an Excellence scholarship to conduct his/her doctorate.
The candidate who has been awarded for an Excellence scholarship, has to follow the doctoral degree regulations of its respective faculty at the University of Hohenheim. The prerequisites for acceptance into one of the above mentioned faculties will be checked by the respective faculty. Only the faculties at the University of Hohenheim can enroll a successful applicant to become a full PhD candidate at the University of Hohenheim.

Following the before described procedure and succeeding in the application for FSC`s excellence scholarship as well as the acceptance as a doctoral candidate, the excellence scholarship is given for a stay at the University of Hohenheim at Stuttgart, Germany, by FSC. The monthly grant is EUR 1,000 (for the time in Germany, during the field research there will be a different rate applicable). In addition, FSC pays for traveling to and from Hohenheim. Proofed costs for a health and liability insurance will be refunded for an amount up to EUR 100.

The following criteria have to be met for applying for an Excellence scholarship:

1. Latest academic degree completed no more than 6 years prior to start of scholarship
2. Indication for return to his/her home country and institute
3. Be a national of a developing country according to OECD DAC list
4. Your research theme should be in accordance with the conceptual research framework of FSC
5. Your research proposal has to relate to one of the research themes
Besides the points mentioned above, general selection criteria for the PhD program “Global Food Security” have to be met additionally for those who apply for the topics provided by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Please click here for more information.
For more about the scholarship visit 

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CLIFOOD Postdoctoral Scholarship

Informer : Wegen Fantu

CLIFOOD Postdoctoral Scholarship :-

The successful candidate will collaborate with the scientific staff of Hawassa University to conduct a 1.5-2 years’ research on a defined topic (please see the research topic section).
The scholarship includes
.Award for staying at Hawassa University, Ethiopia;
.The monthly grant is EUR 650, including health and liability insurance;
.Travel costs to and from Hawassa University (one round trip) will be covered.
Interregional South-South collaborations with institutions in other Eastern and Central African countries are encouraged in particular. Limited funding for research will be provided by the CLIFOOD project. The objective of the collaborations is to write peer-reviewed publications. Interdisciplinary research cooperation with all CLIFOOD subprojects at Hawassa and Hohenheim University will be appreciated.

The successful applicant
1.shall present his/her research work at the partners’ seminars, lecture series and/or workshops; obliged to take part in structured block seminars dealing with CLIFOOD related topics as well as in soft skill courses;
3.shall engage in teaching and training activities related to the graduate and/or postgraduate level research topics at Hawassa University;
4.shall establish an active and long-lasting collaboration with the supported researchers and their home institutes as well as FSC through an interactive alumni network.
For more info about the scholarship visit the website or you can visit hawassa university website  

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