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Mar 12, 2019 at 11:50 AM

New e-payment platform

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Ethiopia launches integrated national e-payment Platform

Addis Ababa march 8/2019: After been providing eight month pilot service “Derash”- Ethiopia’s first of its kind e-payment platform is now officially launched.

Designed and developed by INSA “The platform will be playing a bridging role between Service providers, Banks, payment agents and Consumers, on the due collection of utility bills as well as government’s receivable payments.” – Stated Yonatan Ayalew – director of INSA’s Integrated Platform Division.

Briefing a press conference; Mr. Yonatan asserted that the new national e-payment platform is a pioneer in digitizing the nation’s payment system and expected to ease doing business as well as accelerating economic growth in Ethiopia.

Now consumers can manage their bills on the go, mobile USSD or using core banking at the nearest windows of any of the local banks in Ethiopia.
Likewise, service providers in Ethiopia are now designated to collect their payments with secure data, less time and fair running cost -just using Derash.

Mr. Yonatan has signaled that the platform is open for customization and integration with other similar systems. Hence it encourages innovation and synergy in the Information technology sector.
Currently, Derash is actively working in collaboration with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Wegagen, Lion and Oromia cooperative banks and has signed MoU with numerous local banks to commence operation shortly.
During its pilot service program Derash has helped the Ethiopian Customs Authority to collect a total tax of 5 Billion ETB using e-tax system.
To visit the Platform uses the following link. https://www.derash.gov.et/home

Info source: INSA