Apr 02, 2019 at 05:02 PM

CLIFOOD postdoctoral scholarship

Informer: Wegen Fantu, from Scholarship category

The successful candidate will collaborate with the scientific staff of Hawassa University to conduct a 1.5-2 years’ research on a defined topic (please see the research topic section).
The scholarship includes
.Award for staying at Hawassa University, Ethiopia;
.The monthly grant is EUR 650, including health and liability insurance;
.Travel costs to and from Hawassa University (one round trip) will be covered.
Interregional South-South collaborations with institutions in other Eastern and Central African countries are encouraged in particular. Limited funding for research will be provided by the CLIFOOD project. The objective of the collaborations is to write peer-reviewed publications. Interdisciplinary research cooperation with all CLIFOOD subprojects at Hawassa and Hohenheim University will be appreciated.

The successful applicant
1.shall present his/her research work at the partners’ seminars, lecture series and/or workshops;
2.is obliged to take part in structured block seminars dealing with CLIFOOD related topics as well as in soft skill courses;
3.shall engage in teaching and training activities related to the graduate and/or postgraduate level research topics at Hawassa University;
4.shall establish an active and long-lasting collaboration with the supported researchers and their home institutes as well as FSC through an interactive alumni network.
For more info about the scholarship visit the website fsc.uni-hohenheim.de or you can visit hawassa university website

Info source: fsc.uni-hohenheim.de


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