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Excellence Scholarship

Informer: Wegen Fantu, from Scholarship category

FSC awards top selected applicants from developing countries scholarships to obtain their PhD degree at the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

There are certain topics provided by the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences and Business, Economics and Social Sciences from which the applicants have to select as their doctoral research topic when they are applying for the scholarship.

Applicants who successfully applied for FSC`s Excellence scholarship are so-called “pre-selected candidates”. Only after a professor at the University of Hohenheim has accepted the „pre-selected candidate“, he/she will be ultimately selected and awarded an Excellence scholarship to conduct his/her doctorate.
The candidate who has been awarded for an Excellence scholarship, has to follow the doctoral degree regulations of its respective faculty at the University of Hohenheim. The prerequisites for acceptance into one of the above mentioned faculties will be checked by the respective faculty. Only the faculties at the University of Hohenheim can enroll a successful applicant to become a full PhD candidate at the University of Hohenheim.

Following the before described procedure and succeeding in the application for FSC`s excellence scholarship as well as the acceptance as a doctoral candidate, the excellence scholarship is given for a stay at the University of Hohenheim at Stuttgart, Germany, by FSC. The monthly grant is EUR 1,000 (for the time in Germany, during the field research there will be a different rate applicable). In addition, FSC pays for traveling to and from Hohenheim. Proofed costs for a health and liability insurance will be refunded for an amount up to EUR 100.

The following criteria have to be met for applying for an Excellence scholarship:

1. Latest academic degree completed no more than 6 years prior to start of scholarship
2. Indication for return to his/her home country and institute
3. Be a national of a developing country according to OECD DAC list
4. Your research theme should be in accordance with the conceptual research framework of FSC
5. Your research proposal has to relate to one of the research themes
Besides the points mentioned above, general selection criteria for the PhD program “Global Food Security” have to be met additionally for those who apply for the topics provided by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Please click here for more information.
For more about the scholarship visit fsc.uni-hohenheim.de

Info source: fsc.uni-hohenheim.de


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